ReSeq: Repurposing HiSeq DNA Sequencers

The Illumina HiSeq 2000 and 2500 are advanced DNA sequencing machines that have been replaced by a new generation. Institutes and companies around the world are getting rid of them, they are now available for a fraction of the original cost and can even be obtained for free.

Urs Gaudenz managed to get a hold of a machine and document large parts of the hardware and the internal communication protocol in detail on the Hackteria Wiki.

The image you see is a high resolution scan of a water-flea made using an early prototype of the control software we are developing (full resolution). The combination of bright light and fluorescent scanning shows the micro-plastic ingested by the perished animal and indicates the disturbing consequences of disposed plastics decomposing in our natural environments.

The HiSeqs are high resolution microscopic instruments with a large scan area, a precision movable stage, multi-channel fluorescence capabilities as well as microfluidics flow cells. They have countless other applications for researchers and citizen scientists if there were usable software to drive them.

Crowd funding early 2019